It’s time to leave the Cabin and head for the Village.

July 7, 2021

Which Village, you ask? Vasse Village.

For travellers on the wayward journey between Perth and Margaret River, we finally have a one-stop-village for all of our wandering needs. Vasse has always been a place for people to come together, and now it's pimped itself out to the point of 30+ specialty retail stores and a bustling vibe full of culinary cuties.

For the Wardandi people, it was a place to meet, hunt and gather food. For the pioneers, it was somewhere to farm and raise a family. For you, it is not only the opportunity to shop, relax and connect, but we have convinced the VV fam to get into the Cabin Fever vibe this year and get YOU out of hibernation. Kick up your Chanel 'Dad Sandals' (or your knock off's - no one's here to judge) and socks, and embrace the hottest new Village in town. We're looking at you Vasse Estate - bring your fam & friends down to sit by the heaters and soak up some of those fiery rays 🔥.

To kick off Cabin Fever 2021 our sublime partner Vasse Village will be rocking with live entertainment in the Village arcade (opposite the most gourmet Coles this side of Cottosloe's Boatshed - 50 types of cheese anyone 🧀?) on Saturday 17 July from 10am to 12 noon and some sumptuous food and coffee on offer.

Located on Napoleon Drive, just off Busselton bypass marks destination Vasse Village. It's got quite a ring to it. You'll be glad you did.

For all of you heading down for Cabin Fever, which #lezbehonest should be ALL of you, this is your ultimate preparation point for your weekend stay-cay. Hell, let's make a total day of it and head across the way to Cheeky Monkey after we've experienced a few hours of Village bliss.

Treat yo'self and book in with our Village Hair, Nail and Beauty specialist or linger longer in the Village returning to your Cabins with a bounty of gifts, homewares, fabrics, fashion, bath & body treats. Your Cabin with be a delight for winter hibernation upon your return. Need to hit up a Chemist - we got you! How about picking up the morning paper from the Newsagent for that weekly lie in - done.

Don't mind us whilst we fill our bellies with a few of the below offerings;

Magpies Coffee Cafe are offering the brunch steal of the century with $14.50 for a gourmet bagel and steaming coffee. Craving Chinese and a bit of a bubble hit? We got you - Newtown Chinese are offering a $12.50 lunch special with a can of soft drink. Hydrate before you hit Cabin Fever guys!!!

Before you head off on your Cabin Fever junket, and now that you are positively beaming from the outdoor heaters, take a wander around the village and check out the incredibly Artwork. We'll leave you with a sneak peak below, but if you totally nerd out on history like we do, make sure you dive into some stories about Vasse here.

July 7, 2021
Cabin Fever Festival takes place on Wadandi Boodja. Festival management acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and play, and ask you to tread lightly and with respect when you’re enjoying Cabin Fever events.

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