Shelter the storm, but make it fashion 🧜🏽‍♂️

July 7, 2021

We all know that no-one likes a half assed dress up party, so we're calling an all of you to make 'Shelter the Storm' the most aesthetically nautical event at Cabin Fever. Sing like a sailor, eat like an admiral, drink like a fish, and dress like a ..... pirate? You choose, the theme is nautical so we're really leaving you at the helm of your nautical prowess ⚓️. * A word to the emoji Gods, do us a favour and create a pirate emoji - you're not doing anyone any favours right now.

At the risk of plundering a good metaphor here, come ashore during Cabin Fever Festival to join sea shanty group, The Anchormen, as they warm you with their songs from the sea. 

Don your best nautical gear (dress up optional but HIGHLY recommended because we are all SICK TO DEATH of seeing you in trackies), feast on hearty winter fare and warm the cockles with mighty ales from the crew at Shelter. There’s a roaming sea shanty choir, and warm shelter from ocean gales – all while waves crash on the sand over yonder. Sailors get a hearty free drink on arrival and all eats are included!

Let's be clear, we're not talking about finely tuned nautical outfits from Ralph Lauren, we want bottom of the shelf, straight from the barrel, bang together outfits that make you look as rough as the Indian Ocean. To take some of the hard work out of this process for you, we sank a few of these said ales, and creatively brainstormed different outfits for you. So here we go, Shelter the Storm, but make it fashion;

SAIL ON THROUGH THE NIGHT - for the unimaginative of us.

JACK SPARROW (let's be clear here, any reason to post images of Johnny Depp is fine by us)

MER-PEOPLE - Please for the love of our instagram, someone dress up as a Merman. Just bring a coat pls.

WORRIED ABOUT THE BEER BLOAT? DRESS UP AS A BOAT! Guys, we didn't say we knew HOW to dress as a boat, just that you should do it.


July 7, 2021
Cabin Fever Festival takes place on Wadandi Boodja. Festival management acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and play, and ask you to tread lightly and with respect when you’re enjoying Cabin Fever events.

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